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Become an honorable warrior and a master of the blade. The Samurai Archetype is available right now! The Samurai Archetype gives you access to a range of powers that make you a master of close quarters combat, whether it's against on...
Published Jul 17, 2018
Champions! We're expanding the way Freeform slots work, starting today! From now on, when you purchase a Freeform slot (if you're not a Lifetime Subscriber), you'll be able to immediately apply that slot to an existing, non-F...
Published Jul 17, 2018
We're pleased to announce that for a limited time the Lifetime Subscription is 60% off! This awesome sale lasts till 8:00 AM PST July 23rd, 2018. These subscriptions come with everything you need! With multiple character slots that ...
Published Jul 17, 2018
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