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The power of Blazing Fire comes to your hands, Champions. The flames of justice rage on. As The Blazing use your short to medium range attacks to apply Clinging Flames to your enemies. The more the flames rage the more you can heal the i...
Published Dec 7, 2017
Hello Champions! Millennium City has been transformed into a winter wonderland! Starting December 7th and lasting throughout the month, Champions can visit Renaissance Center to check out the ornamented tree, visit the Toy Drive store a...
Published Dec 7, 2017
When you’re futures too bright, you gotta’ get shades. And these groovy lenses are just for our subscribers! Enjoy looking good, and making that future shine!   Charge ZEN now and pick up the latest items on the C-Store, or upgrade t...
Published Dec 1, 2017
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Happy Birthday JD!
can i have discord link please or name?
You're not alone. I've made some grammatical errors myself.
Inn grammar, whee our awl cen urs. (say it aloud. I regret nothing.)
I just realised the amount of grammatical errors I have done on Mel's page...I am now ashamed with myself.
Happy Birthday, Preso/Mariner!
Thank you! Why uh, sure!
Happy B-Day Rune! Let me know if you want a doodle, no deadlines though, lol.
Happy Birthday, Nurse Midnight!
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