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  From now until April 16th, at 9 AM PT, you'll be able to unlock bonus currency on the Arc Platform for the Perfect World titles! The bonus you can expect is listed in the chart below:     This Charge Bonus is ONLY available f...
Published Apr 12, 2018
Hello Champions! Do you want a little more customization when creating a character? Looking to match your champion’s powers with its costume? Freeform Slots are the perfect option for those champions looking to have full customization o...
Published Apr 12, 2018
UNTIL and Bureau 17 are reporting that Giant Monsters on both Monster Island and in Canada have become more aggressive, increasing the frequency of their attacks! On Monster Island, the genetically-manipulated Teleiosaurus and the giant ...
Published Apr 12, 2018
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Silver Age Sentinels
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Role-playing forum for Silver Age Sentinels members. Also includes YS, HA, Globe and all allies.
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By Steampunkette 2 hours ago
Files for all teams. A roleplaying tool.
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By SOLARIS Mar 14, 18
Parties. Meetings. Social Events! Got one? Put it here!
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By Nurse Midnight Mar 15, 18
Across the Globe
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This is your place to post your fiction, about your Sentinels, Guardians, Young Sentinels and Ravenswood students; and their allies!
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By SOLARIS Mar 28, 18
Forum for Blue Book mini blurbs about characters
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By Kosovos Mar 25, 18
Forum for 'Meet the Officer' feature, a role playing tool
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Forum for "Meet the Hero" feature, a role playing tool
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By Miss Incarnate Nov 25, 16
A place to post or request costume unlocks.
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By Retcon A Fri at 05:48 am
Up your street
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Official news and announcements.
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By Thundrax Jun 8, 17
Discussion about general topics, out of character
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By Meromin Sat at 02:43 am
Chat about anything gaming related, as well as TV, Movies and other media.
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By Davina Feb 16, 18
Knowledge Base
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Information about the setting, directly from the source
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By Rune A Dec 3, 15
Helpful hints, tutorials, and information
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By Doctor Evilface Oct 6, 17
A forum for sharing builds and discussing powers, builds and character concepts
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By Doctor Evilface Sep 18, 17
Applications - Use Join Us! Link.
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This forum is for Application threads
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By Alleste Jan 17, 16
This forum is for new members applications; moved only. Do not post anything in here.
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By Zed Ecks Dec 2, 15
For applications deemed unsuitable or canceled. Moved in only.
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Let us know what you think about our cool new website!
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By Rune A Feb 16, 17
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Welcome to our latest member AngryKaiju registered Apr 15, 18
Gold Falcon is the sixth member to support us, adding time on Aug 25, 2016
Happy Easter Weekend Everybody!
Joined the team recently, and I must say it is one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in Champions Online so far. Thanks to all of you!
Recenting joined and I can't agree more Xpulse. They are a great bunch. You guys all rock! :)
I really enjoy being with the sentinels. I appreciate you guys.
Figured give a genral HELLO! So...Hello!
Friends and Family! Hello from FC and MC!!
Welcome to 2018!
Happy Holidays Everybody!