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The power of Blazing Fire comes to your hands, Champions. The flames of justice rage on. As The Blazing use your short to medium range attacks to apply Clinging Flames to your enemies. The more the flames rage the more you can heal the i...
Published Dec 7, 2017
Hello Champions! Millennium City has been transformed into a winter wonderland! Starting December 7th and lasting throughout the month, Champions can visit Renaissance Center to check out the ornamented tree, visit the Toy Drive store a...
Published Dec 7, 2017
When you’re futures too bright, you gotta’ get shades. And these groovy lenses are just for our subscribers! Enjoy looking good, and making that future shine!   Charge ZEN now and pick up the latest items on the C-Store, or upgrade t...
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A new focus on Recruitment

Rune A posted Mon at 2:13

I'm taking this minor opportunity to update the front page news and include here a link to the very, very important

Recruitment Thread

on the Champions online message boards. It's time we all consider openning up to new members once again and welcoming other RPers that are interested in our original classic comic book values and themes.

Along with this I'm going to find a way to include all the information given in the first two posts of that thread and put it all up here on our very own website, possibly on the forum, along with slightly more codified rules and regs to minimise confusion about what we are about, what we are into, and what is more or less verbotten.

I admit it's been a long time coming, but this is only the beginning.


Well, today's the day!
I'd like to be setup and ready to host the "Open Mic Night" around 4pm my time (AZ) which should be around 6pm east coast.
But i'm going to need some help....

If you are expecting to attend and "perform"...
Please send me an ingame email (to @ghosthack) with:

-The character's name (i.e. secret identity or stage name)
-The name of the song the character will be singing
-A link to a track or video of "your character" singing the song (icly, the videos will be the song as it's sung, so try and find accoustic cover tracks when possible)

{if you don't have a link to audio or video, that's TOTALLY OK! just let me know the name of the song you intend to sing, and how it's supposed to begin musically, so I can describe the intro in game, and then you'll be on the hook to describe the song and lyrics ICly as you go.}

I posted in the forums as well, just to have this more visible. But the plan for the event, is that the MC will call on a singer, and allow the player to ICly get up and get ready to sing, culminating in the character announcing their Name and the Song they will be singing, which will be the queue for the MC to post the song in chat for everyone to link to. This is to ensure everyone has time to Roleplay their character's preparation, and let the audience know a link is In comming, so they're ready to copy and paste it so we're all generally the same page with the videos. (I realize some folks have difficulty windowing the game or alt-tabbing without crashing. If that's you, and you are attending, just PM the MC know about the issue and I can email you lyrics or otherwise describe the link for you, for IC purposes.)

After the event, I'll post up a "set list" of everyone who performed with the video links i was sent.

Some final thoughs:

-This is intended to be a winter event, so if you are able, please try to dress for cold weather
-This is also intended to be a non-heroed event, so please come to the show as your secret identity, if possible (obviously, ICly, some characters don't have secret ID's, so the winter clothes are doubly important so as not to draw Villain attention)
-If you have to come late, NO PROBLEM... but please do some whispering to a friend about what's going on... Try to keep in mind, you're at a concert ;) (Icly, there's going to be lots of conversation going on, i'm sure, and playing catch up OOCly in the middle of that is going to get real messy, really fast)
and, lastly
-Please, bear with me, I'm not 100% sure how smoothly this will go.

Hopefully everything works perfectly and everyone has a blast. See you all tonight, At the Midnight!

Midnight Flyer

Hi Sentinels!

I've been hearing some chatter about this local event, and it seems some of you missed the flyer so I'm posting it up for anyone interested. (I know we have more than one singer in the community!). 
Looks like the event is going to be this comming saturday, the 10th of december, at 6.
Just a reminder, It's getting cold out there and even though many of us can handle the cold, no problem, to protect our Secret ID's, put on those winter weather clothes and grab a mug of hot cider with the local citizens we support and protect.

I hope you can make it, it sounds like it's going to be a blast!

~THE Lady Titan.



Alright all, I wanted to host a little casual event for the holidays, before the actual crazyness of the holidays. The event will begin at approximately 4pm (server time, as long as the clock is correct again. ask on saturday if you're not sure)
I'd love it if folks tracked down some songs or youtube video links that we can post in local over the course of the evening, that represent their characters' open mic singing.
As the flyer states, try to find accoustic songs or covers of songs to maintain the feel.
Also, since this is a holidy-ish themed event, it would be awesome if folks tried to make winter-weather outfits, to maintain the theme. I know that it's a little dependant on costume slot space and costume pieces, but it would really add to the feel of the event.

As for the location of the event--- "The Midnight Cafe" is a new location I'm trying to introduce to the GLOBE community. It is a modestly sized, out of the way corner of Millennium City Center, that conveniently has no pedestrian or enemy mob traffic. It is a pair of courtyards (a fountain and a sand garden) between two buildings with some decent outdoor seating. 
The courtyards, that I'm calling "the Midnight Cafe," are located north, up the main street from Darren's and directly west of City Hall. I promise, once you've been there once, it's easy to find. and safe to get to, even for a level 6 character.
The details of the Midnight and its proprietor, Desi Somerset, will be posted up on the forums sometime this week.

Hopefully everyone's able to attend :)

Halloween Party!

Rune A posted Oct 23, 16

Check the events page, halloween party incomming.

Happy Anniversary, Sentinels!

Rune A posted Aug 31, 16

Sentinels Strike!

Art by Guild member and comics artist Micheal Dorman. Thank you, Mike.

In August of 2009, after playing for over a year in the Champions Online Alpha and Beta tests, I flirted with the thought of forming my own guild, taking with me everything I'd learned from many years of membership and fledgling leadership in groups in City of Heroes.

I had balked at the amount of work I knew building a real community was going to take, but eventually I decided that this was the game that was going to be my virtual home, and this was where I should invest the time and effort to create something around myself that would keep me logging in day after day. Selfish?  ...Maybe a little, but I knew the right group of people would synergistically feel the same way I did.

I had pre-ordered the game of course, at Amazon I think, and due to a snafu with mail deliveries, my physical disk didn't arrive in the mail until the sixth of september, almost a week after the launch on September the first.

Now, I already had the client downloaded and fully patched, I'd been in game for the three day head start that began right after the two week long Open Beta had ended, so a quick email to Cryptic customer service [remember that?] solved the issue pretty fast, so I was only unable to log in for like one whole day, the fifth of September.

On the Sixth of September, 2009, I officially formed the Silver Age Sentinels on the live server. I honestly can't remember who those other four players or character were with me when I formed the group, or who my earliest reecruits were, but on a post on the Mutants and Masterminds Think Tank boards, I saw a post from Scott Bennie, bemoaning his inability to locate quality RP in Champions, so I responded to him there and met up with him in game, and made sure he learned about us, and about CORP.

Later in his online guise as Thundrax, Scott was instrumental in finding some quality early RPers who became mainstays with us for years, such as Small Girl and Valentyna. I ran into Riley Nero in the desert while playing my new and quite 'lost' alt, Abyss, and they struck up a friendship.

I tended to send people friendly little "Awesome costume and Bio!" PMs anywhere I saw them on any alt, and the early Sentinels formed out of this core of people making great looking and well written characters. I made it a point to personally interview each and every member of the guild, for over four years. I refined this recruitment process to both shorten it's leangth, and get to the heart of the things that mattered most to me, and to our style of "Lite RP", building a real world group of friends first and online RP dramatic set up second.

And the rest is History. or something.

Happy Seventh Anniversary, Sentinels.

Colanah o Oh wow I didn't know the group was this old. Or should I say venerable? Definitely happy 6th to the SAS! I'...
Miss Incarnate Happy anniversary to all. Rune thanks for posting that bit of history.
Amontillado REC Congrats to all!

A Time To Get Social!

Ghosthack R posted May 27, 16

This is an open invitation to all GLOBE, Silver Age Sentinel, and Young Sentinel members, family, and Friends:

Tomorrow (saturday, 5/28, in the states) two of our Young Sentinels have invited anyone interested to an out door barbecue cook out at Sakura Park in downtown Millennium City.

Bastion and Belle has graciously offered to supply the party with grilled meats, but have asked guests to supply side dishes, drinks, or snacks...

According to the twins, the party will be 'Open house style", and once the party begins, they expect to host, until the last guest leaves.

They hope to be set up by 2pm (server time, pst) near one of the public pools, so feel free to bring suits, if you want to take a dip!

For those of us raised here in the states, this weekend is in memorial to those heroes and armed forces men and women who have fallen in service to the nation and the defense of the ideals of liberty and justice.

While we hope you have a great time, take a moment to reflect on the fallen. I know we have a few legacies, a story shared from the past would be more than welcome, if you'received willing.

In any case, and perhaps in defiance of the dangers that currently threaten the city, we hope you'll stop by ready to relax and enjoy some food, some tunes, and some friends.


~the Lady Titan, Jo' McKay.

Scandal In Downtown!

Ghosthack R posted May 5, 16

First of all, I want to thank everyone that got involved in the impromptu RP event last night and also let everyone know that we hope to build on this, and provide more ad hoc events in the future. Be on the look out for these in the near future, as most will likely not be planned in advance (occurring when people are willing/able/and in game already)

We're hopeful that this more 'come as you are' method will be easier to facilitate and build onto.. let us know how you like it, going forward...


"Last night, members and allies of the GOBE coalition encountered a strange and powerful new threat to the city, and possibly the world. We are glad to report that all our friends are safe, but regretfully, I don't think we can call this one a Win. 

This new threat is the Countess Callgrave, of Karsvlova, and though her objectives at this time are unclear, she was able to temporarily kidnap one of our own- Captain Incarnate- and injure several others. Unfortunately, the Countess does not have the same public infamy as other threats we face, and she has already managed to twist the events of last night to her favor. I have posted a recording of the news report that aired this morning, and urge everyone to be cautious when engaging the Countess, or her agents. A hero relies on her integrity, as much as her abilities, and this threat will require an...Ironclad case to expose the Countess's ill-intent. Until such time, be wary. Our word, our good name has often been sufficent in the past, to bring dangerous foes to justice. I have no doubt Countess Callgrave will take every oprotunity, moving forward, to discredit us, our friends and our allies."

~Jo McKay, Lady Titan.

Link to News Report

GLOBE and Costume Contests

'OvO' AAECo posted Jan 26, 16

Hey everyone!

TJ here again! I am currently having very cryptic difficulties but let's have that stop us from moving forward with fun! I want to start hosting Costume Contests at some point soon. What this allows for us is the chance to get more exposure to the population and therefore more friends!

I'll be able to talk to the people who mod the schedules for the contests if we want a more recurring spot on the schedule. If not, we can host one every time we get the funds. For a Costume Contest, the minimum we will need to run one would be 50G a winner. If we have a grand prize, that would be 100G. So 5 categories means 250-300G. That can be earned easily by running group alerts and taking donations. I've calculated earnings for Smash alerts to be around 80G an hour for 1 person. That being said, it shouldn't be tough to get the funding we need. It also opens the doors for group activities! I want to hear your thoughts. If you already have funds, send them to your nearest officer for banking!

Thank you!

GLOBE in the Hero Games!

'OvO' AAECo posted Jan 20, 16

Hello all! TJ here. I'm writing to the general interest those have shown to doing SG PVP matches. As a few of you know, The Hero Games PVP section of Champions Online has been fairly inaccessible to casual players. This serves as an opportunity to band together as an SG coalition to run hero games without too much interference from outside players.

This would mean gathering 2 teams of 5 to queue for hero games. That being said, we would need to set up a specific day or days to do this at least until our roster fills up and we can do this one a whim.

Another addition to this is the possibility of having In-character interactions and implications to these matches. It may add a little more color to our already colorful conversations. However, if those would rather not do any of that In-character or not at all, it would be understandable.

With all that, I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts before we can proceed. The more input we have, the faster we can get this ball rolling!

Take me to the poll!

We're getting closer to a complete community site for our roleplay coalition.

I've set up a lot over the past several days.

You'll notice consistency in the sidebars across the website.

The Events Calendar is up and running. I would like to see everyone get involved with that. Post your plans there, even if it's just running alerts, or pizza RP at Darren's.

The chat room works really nice. It supports BBcode, and can pop out, too. Check it out.

What's new is the site activity wall, which will show all new posts, news, threads, and event reminders.

Members lists all of you jokers. You can each add a couple of words about yourself there.

I've added tags and roles.  Have a look at my post on those.

If you have any input, please comment in the Site Suggestions thread.

Agent Canada The site looks awesome Alleste, I'm vey impressed. Thanks, AC
Amontillado REC Thanks for all the work Alleste
Gold Falcon is the sixth member to support us, adding time on Aug 25, 2016
Happy Birthday JD!
can i have discord link please or name?
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